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Leeds City Council

Learning Disability Community Support Services


LeedsThe Assignment

Learning Disability Community Support Service is a £20m service currently provided by Leeds City Council. However, increasing financial pressures meant that continued in-house provision was no longer an option and a management led social enterprise was identified as a potential solution.

Working with Stepping Out, Matt Saich from 31ten Consulting was commissioned as part of the team to develop an integrated business plan to support the establishing of such an organisation.


Our Role

Matt led on all finance elements of the work, developing multi-year financial models that considered the financial impact on both the proposed social enterprise and the Council of, for example:
• Transition and investment costs;
• Expected efficiency benefits brought about by the change to social enterprise;
• Changes to pension schemes;
• Employing staff on different staff terms and conditions;
• The net potential benefits offered by the opportunity to expand the range of services offered by the move out of the Council; and
• The reduction in demand for Council provided support services.
Matt also worked closely with staff to develop an operational structure and commercial proposition for the new organisation, considering the local and national market for existing services and a set of potential new services developed with staff as part of the work.


Key Outcomes

The fully integrated business case was delivered as required, together with various other outputs developed specifically for communicating the key messages to important stakeholder groups. The new social enterprise is expected to "spin out" from the Council in July 2015.