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Haringey Council

Hornsey Town Hall Development


hornseyThe Assignment

Hornsey Town Hall is a strategically important and much loved community asset. As a result of revised scheme requirements and mounting financial pressures the deliverability of the Council's preferred option for the redevelopment of the site was brought into question. As a result Haringey Council sought support to generate alternative options for the development and to appraise those options alongside the preferred option against key Council objectives.


Our Role

Working with GVA, 31ten Consultants successfully undertook this work and continue to work with the Council regarding the future of the Town Hall. Our work to date includes:
• Developing alternative options for the site;
• Developing and revising qualitative and quantitative appraisal criteria that reflected key Council aims and objectives. This included a detailed analysis of the future community use and access requirements;
• Appraising of each option against the criteria including the financial viability of each;
• Soft market testing of the various options with the market;
• Stakeholder consultation and challenge; and
• The development and delivery of a community communications plan.
All of our work was underpinned by significant levels of interaction with and management of key stakeholders. These stakeholders include Council members and senior offices, the senior management team of the preferred option, key representatives of the community and the general public. This element of the work required upmost professionalism and sensitivity, often in pressured environments.


Key Outcomes

The Council was able to make an informed decision as to the future of the Town Hall based on an independent and evidenced based appraisal of the options, which reflects the views of the market and meets the Council's key criteria.

In addition, the findings and key messages, regardless of their popularity were communicated to the key stakeholder groups by our consultants in a professional, sensitive and successful manner.