local authority finance

"The team brought considerable insight to the Brent Cross Cricklewood project"
London Borough of Barnet
“31ten provide a unique offer to support public sector led regeneration”
Croydon Council
“Stimulated economic growth through better use of our assets and powers"
Newquay Aerohub Enterprise Zone
“Real understanding of the local authority sector's ambition to achieve public value"
London Borough of Sutton

Enabling Strategic Decision Making

 Strategic decisions are by their nature decisions for the long-term. Such decision must be based of clear aims, supported by sound evidence, subject to robust challenge and reflective of the views of those with a stake in the decision process and the decision outcome.

We provide our clients with expert advice, challenge, resource and experience to support them in making their decisions.


We work with you to:

• Undertake option appraisals.
• Deliver soft market testing.
• Write business plans.
• Engage with the community and other stakeholders.
• Develop business cases.
• Provide procurement support.
• Perform strategic advisory roles.




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