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Capturing the Vision and Improving Team Performance


CHUMSThe Assignment

CHUMS is a social enterprise providing child bereavement services that successfully spun out from the NHS in 2011.

As a result of continued service expansion and organisational growth, senior management were looking for support to achieve three main aims: to help foster more of a "one-team" approach; to help staff understand areas where performance could be elevated; and to work with staff to devise ways by which those performance gains could be achieved.


Our Role

Working with Stepping Out and using his broad performance improvement experience, Matt Saich, one of 31ten Consulting's Directors, designed, developed and delivered staff workshops that incorporated sport psychology theory and techniques to deliver against these aims.


Key Outcomes

As well as benefiting from spending time with their colleagues from different areas and therefore gaining a better understanding of their different roles and responsibilities individuals, teams and the senior management team achieved:

• An agreed vision supported by key strategic objectives;
• An agreed understanding of the key attributes required to successfully deliver against those objectives;
• A considered opinion of how well they currently performed against the key attributes; and
• An understanding of the types of actions and development required to improve performance in the less well performing areas.