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Chris Shepherd


Chris has demonstrable experience of delivering on outcomes when dealing with public and private sector clients in relation to major projects.

He is currently advising a range of local authorities on the appraisal of funding and structuring options for the development of new affordable housing, providing expert insight to local authorities looking to address the growth agenda and supporting local authorities address their strategic aims through the use of their powers and assets.

Understanding the interface between the public and private sector has been the key to Chris's value in some of the largest public sector led developments in the UK. He has developed approaches to new forms of delivery and funding vehicles with a number of local authorities including the formation of arm's length companies and trading vehicles. He has provided advice on business planning, tax efficient company structures, management and governance, and solvency and risk issues.

Chris has supported the private sector as it seeks to approach the public sector and shape its offer to meet its partners requirements. He has also provided advice to potential private sector investors in public sector real estate to ensure that private sector solutions are both fit for purpose and provide value for money for the public sector.

Chris has provided advice that enables projects to progress, this work has included business case development, risk analysis, evaluating bid submissions, commercial negotiations, funding competitions and assessments of value for money and affordability of projects.

Chris was a Non-Executive Director at Hounslow Homes and oversaw the Council's new build programme and the introduction of HRA self-finance and sat on the British Property Federations working group as it sought to influence the implementation of Tax Increment Finance in the UK.


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