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Cambridgeshire - Making Assets Count

Business Case and Delivery Structure Advisor


Cambridgeshire MACThe Assignment

31ten Consultants led the team that was commissioned by the Cambridgeshire Making Assets Count (MAC) programme to develop a series of business cases for 4 Cambridgeshire market towns, March, Ely, St Ives and St Neots, focussed on making better use of the public sector estate in these localities.

MAC is a partnership between Cambridgeshire County Council, the Cambridgeshire District Councils and a number of other public sector bodies.


Our Role

An Outline Business Case (OBC) had already been produced which indicated that a number of potential projects might be viable. However, to progress the Programme to the next stage, the County required specialist / professional input from advisers and we were commissioned to:
• Undertake a critical analysis of the outline business cases;
• Prepare full business cases for each of the 4 priority areas, considering the potential for creating new cross partner community hub buildings;
• Undertake due diligence of the cross partner assets, identifying gaps in data;
• Identify delivery models for the better use of assets including the potential for a cross partner joint venture models (e.g. LABV); and
• Undertake a market and planning review, including soft market testing with developers.


Key Outcomes

This work led to the development of a delivery strategy for the group that was taken forward into a series of additional commissions including affordable housing approaches which our team also delivered.