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Brent Council

Developing a Property and Asset Strategy


Brent CouncilThe Assignment

Brent Council as an innovative and forward looking Local Authority, views its property and assets not in isolation as accommodation for staff or premises for services, but as a catalyst to drive regeneration, the supporting structure for modern public services and the source of efficiencies and collaboration.

The Council required support in producing a strategy that outlined the role that the efficient and innovative use of property and assets would play in addressing key challenges facing the Council, setting a blueprint for the next ten years.


 Our Role

Chris Shepherd from 31ten Consulting, was appointed to develop this Property & Asset Strategy with the aim of:

• Understanding the strategic drivers on Brent's property and assets;
• Defining a vision that reflects the Council's three main aims of facilitating regeneration, supporting service delivery and driving savings and efficiencies through property;
• Developing and refining a series of tangible and measurable objectives to support this vision – that would drive each of the Council's priorities; and
• Creating a programme of specific actions to achieve each of the objectives.


 Key Outcomes

The Property Strategy was produced for the Council to drive forward its corporate agenda.

A collaborative and evidence-based approach was adopted to develop this strategy and involved extensive consultation across the Council, including engagement with the corporate property and regeneration team, those overseeing major projects including Brent's One Council initiative, and with individual service leads.

Consideration was also been given to external policy drivers, including the Localism Bill, public service reforms and the potential impact of continued economic uncertainty.