local authority finance

"The team brought considerable insight to the Brent Cross Cricklewood project"
London Borough of Barnet
“31ten provide a unique offer to support public sector led regeneration”
Croydon Council
“Stimulated economic growth through better use of our assets and powers"
Newquay Aerohub Enterprise Zone
“Real understanding of the local authority sector's ambition to achieve public value"
London Borough of Sutton

Improving Income Streams through Better Use of Assets and Powers

The public sector is “revenue poor but asset and power rich”

We offer a suite of services to our clients to better understand their asset requirements and to make better use of their assets (e.g. land, surplus buildings, cash reserves) and their available powers (e.g. the Prudential Code, use of Enterprise Zone flexibilities and Growth Zone and business rates retention) to help deliver the meaningful and substantial change they desire.

Many service or organisation transformation programmes successfully identify a new target operating model but often do not consider early in this programme whether the infrastructure and the supporting asset base are appropriate to support the future delivery early enough. We support a richer understanding of transformation by ensuring that the asset base is fit for future provision, whilst also identifying surplus assets for alternative use.


We work with you to:

• Design and advise on Council owned companies and other structures for delivering housing and other services.
• Design, develop and support revolving investment funds.
• Support asset rationalisation.
• Develop long term financed capital strategies.
• Design and support the application of EZ/GZ powers to forward fund infrastructure investment.
• Develop partnership structures and approaches (e.g. Joint Ventures & SPVs).
• Develop asset management plans, and property and asset strategies.
• Review and analyse property portfolios.               




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