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A Business Plan for a Social Enterprise


AYRThe Assignment

The client, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, was looking to "spin out" into a social enterprise.

As part of this process the company required a five-year business plan to be developed, alongside a review to help the board become a more effective governing body.




Our Role

Matt Saich, a 31ten Consultant facilitated the delivery of and drafting of the detailed business plan, which amongst other things required supporting senior staff to identify and articulate:

  • the organisation's key strategic and operational goals;
  • their areas for growth;
  • target markets for future income generation and;
  • their governance and organisational structures.

In addition Matt developed a detailed governance route map to help the Board mature and imbed itself into its key role looking forward, as well as job descriptions for key Board roles.


 Key Outcomes

Ready Unlimited is now a successful independent business having established itself into a leading professional development and training service that supports educators to embed enterprise and entrepreneurship across the curriculum.